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Kepwel Spring Water in 3 and 5 gallon Bottles

I guess we shouldn't say our spring water is old, but we could say the water we bottle comes from the oldest spring in New Jersey and one of the oldest continuing springs in the country.

Kepwel comes up from deep in the ground through layers of rock, clay and sand at a cool temperature of around 48 degrees all year round.

Kepwel has a great balance of natural minerals and nothing added giving it a crisp clean taste.

Kepwel Does Not contain chlorine or any other sanitizing chemicals like regular tap water.

We filter our spring water down to 1 micron as required by the FDA and use Ozone gas to remove any naturally occurring organic material, which then turns into oxygen within 24 hours after bottling.

I know that's a little technical but its what we do to make Kepwel the perfect alternative to soda or sports drinks.  No fat, No calories, No Problem.  Give your body what it needs, pure natural spring water.  

Kepwel Spring Water...  Pure, Natural, Perfect.